Talking at Conferencia Rails. Madrid 2007


I escaped London for a few days to go to Conferencia Rails 2007 in Madrid. There I gave a talk about much ranted Rails Scalability.

The title of the talk in spanish was “Escalabilidad y las cosas de las que nadie se atrevio a hablar”.

Summary of the talk:

  • Architecture and typical Rails deployment configurations.
  • Use of Nginx as a static assets server.
  • Mongrel and Evented Mongrel.
  • Multithreaded image Uploads with mongrel and/or merb (instead of attatchment_fu)
  • Activerecord optimizations (hacks, active_record_context plugin)
  • Caches, pasive expirations. Cache observing daemons.
  • Configuration and monitoring of a production Server. (monit, munin tools)

Here is the video of the talk, and of course, the slides.

The talk went fine, I have had so much fun speaking spanish again.

Here are some photos:

"Conferencia Rails 2007"

"Merb framework"

"Rails stack"

Pablo Delgado
Data Scientist/Engineer working at Opentable Inc.